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Chainsaw Jazz: "DisConcerto" (1993)

Géneros/Categorías: R.I.O., Jazz Rock
País: USA
Información: Cuneiform

Chainsaw Jazz were an instrumental band that featured the drumming of ex-Muffin Paul Sears, with strong contributions on guitar, violin/electric mandolin, sax, and bass. They certainly had their own compositional sound, but for reference points you might describe them as a combination of Brand X and Dr. Nerve, with a bit of Arti E Mestieri and (not surprisingly) The Muffins tossed in.
"This is a new music fusion revelling on a plane unto itself...few "jazz" (and I use the term loosely) ensembles achieve such a potent level of emotional and sonic clarity."-The Daily Californian.

Fuente: Cuneiform

Track List
1. Mad Whiskey Bitch (3:42)
2. Kampuchea (5:02)
3. Infusoria (3:14)
4. Neon Baby (4:02)
5. Abcess of Malice (7:29)
6. Shrimp Job (2:08)
7. Iranosaurus Tex (2:23)
8. Montezuma's Revenge (3:42)
9. Accretion (3:16)
10. Lurch (3:21)
11. Gorgoplex (3:01)
12. Momentary Discomfort (4:29)
13. Morass (3:44)
14. Cytoplasm (5:09)
15. Vandalism (0:58)

Mark Gilbert - saxes, clarinet
Christian Nagle - guitar
Mark Stanley - guitar
Mark Smoot - bass, synthesizer
Ed Maguire - violin, electric mandolin, synthesizer
Paul Sears - drums

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